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Tengri Partners I.B.

A merchant banking company with a focus in securities trading and brokerage, capital markets, investment banking, investment management, commercial finance and principal investments. 

Industry: Any (except the Venture Capital (start-ups), Real Estate, and Ecoprojects) 

Geography: Kazakhstan 

General requirements for investments: 

  • Strong Team; 

  • Growth perspective; 

  • Stressed / distressed assets; 

  • Brownfield only 

Alternate “Growth Equity” investment strategy for development of operating businesses: 

  • Existing and operating business; 

  • Positive cash flows and earnings; 

  • A proven business model; 

  • Growth potential; 

  • Attractive industry (low competition, barriers to entry, sufficient independence from counterparties); 

  • Average check of investments in the range of USD 2-5 million;

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