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Sturgeon Capital

Sturgeon is a leading frontier markets investment boutique. Sturgeon focuses on technology-enabled businesses that offer products or services which solve unserved, acute pain points for very large addressable markets. We partner with founders to build a more efficient, financially inclusive world.

When we invest, we put our global and local experience to work, helping portfolio companies maximise impact and financial returns.

Sector focus: 

  • Technology-enabled businesses

  • Financial services

Sturgeon’s job is to invest and contribute to companies to make the above possible:

  • International expansion and market growth – ensure the addressable opportunity is captured in an optimal manner

  • Support with corporate structure and processes – enforcing international best standards

  • Access to capital and industry networks – provide capital and the necessary feedback loops for companies to grow

  • Recruitment – support companies in finding the best talent available to support business growth

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