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Russian Friends Capital

An investment company that provides access to high-quality and promising assets in Russia and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) with the aim of making a profit from highly profitable investments, thereby contributing to the development, modernization of the economy, and improvement of the investment climate. 

Investment priority areas: 

  • aquaculture; 

  • retail of production equipment; 

  • M&M (Metals and Mining); 

Geographic focus: Russia and CIS 

Principles of the fund: 

It is possible to invest in the fund of Russian Friends Capital, or directly into the project. Russians Friends Capital takes a part in the management of the business they are invested in. After the purchase of a share of a particular company, RFC hires the best top managers who are specialists in their fields. RFC invests in the project by the Leveraged Buy-Out principle, where the bank's leverage amounts to 80%, while the fund's amounts to 20%. RFC gives attention to the debts of the company, the ratio of EBITDA to Debt should be in the range of 1. After the due diligence, if the company is not on the stage of growth, but rather on the stage of a cash cow, then RFC is ready for the deals for 3-4 EBITDA.

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