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A management company for a state owned Kazakhstan Investment Development Fund (KIDF or Fund). Main objective is to facilitate direct investment into development of the country’s economy, aid foreign enterprises in expansion of their operations into Kazakhstan, contribute equity capital alongside the investments.

KIDF Management Company operates within a framework of Astana International Financial Center (AIFC).

Geography: Kazakhstan

KIDF funds shall be invested:

  • Along with and in size equal to or less than foreign direct investments coming in cash form

  • Within the country and be used strictly for creation/development/recovery of assets within the country

  • Via pure equity instruments on risk-return basis

  • With preference to transactions registered within AIFC framework

Joining a foreign investor, KIDF can take part in the following types of investment projects depending on a project stage:

  • Greenfield (with involvement of local government offices)

  • Brownfield (developing/expanding existing operations)

  • Recovery of distressed state-owned assets (portfolios of Distressed Asset Fund, Investment Fund of Kazakhstan)